Why Radio is Dead

My eulogy for radio


5 thoughts on “Why Radio is Dead

  1. Sorry but radio still plays a vital part in the music industry and in the sale of music worldwide. Check the image taken from the recent #PRS magazine…) on my #HeraldTheDJ page.


    1. I agree with the picture if it wasn’t the fact that radio has 59% and T.v. has 51% which equals 110% which is misleading use of graphs by the magazine (not to mention it says average percent per age group rather than the percent regardless of age group. This means they altered data). plus it says “how new music is discovered” under the chart not “which music translates to sales” ill admit that the radio is the place I hear new music but its not hard when same song is played every hour and radio is ubiquitous throughout cars so I may hear the new song when someone rides past but that wont make me buy the track. Nice try but the magazine is using inaccurate statistical measurements. If percents are measuring the same unit, they should never equal more than 100% since you can’t have more than 100% of the group you sampled.


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