Music Stats – Performing Rights Society (PRS)

Here’s a rebuttal to my “Eulogy for radio” post by Herald the dj. Although I think the graph from a magazine he based his assumptions on is flawed (all the percents on graph added up equal way over 100) I’m always open for a discussion and debate.


PRS Magazine - On-Line PRS Magazine

I am an avid reader and follower of the music press and industry as a whole. Chances are there are millions of people out there DJ Alikat will never hear about, due to the vast quantities of music makers and shakers nowadays. Still, I spend more than a healthy amount of time on the computer each week, compared to most people I know. Yes, I am addicted to the internet and it’s many useful facets.

I Share, I Like, I Follow, I Tweet, I Link, I Love, I do it all. Sometimes I Block and Undo.

This blog has been inspired by a fellow music lover, a follower on WordPress. He talks about his eulogy to radio. Sorry to say, but statistics can prove that radio still holds its place well in marketing, exposing and for exploitative purposes. Generally speaking, yes he is right to say the purchase of singles has taken over due to MP3’s…

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2 thoughts on “Music Stats – Performing Rights Society (PRS)

  1. If you check the article on the PRS website it’s an average based on ages who buy, listen via all the outlets available to access music. I thought the same at first.
    You get me?
    Thanks for the repost…)

    DJ Alikat AKA Alice
    (I’m a fully grown lady btw!)

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