Demisexuality & Me

As a Man, most cultures expect me to have a strong sexual desire and seek sex. Since high school to this day I’ve had people perplexed and even ridicule me for not having sex for 6 months to a year at a time. Don’t get me wrong I do like me a curvy lady but I just never felt the impulse to “chase” women for casual sex. It felt borderline asexual at times. I feel awkward being around my home boys and they crucify me for defending my abstinence by saying that chasing random women doesn’t turn ne on. It felt awkward mainly because there was no words to succinctly describe my sexuality until now…Demisexual
A demisexual is a person who can only have sex with someone they have a connection with. Just learning about this word, I feel more comfortable discussing the topic with people instead of feeling odd or defective. Hopefully sharing this can help someone else feel more comfortable with their sexuality and help normal sexuals to better understand thier less freaky friends lol


14 thoughts on “Demisexuality & Me

  1. There are more guys out there like you than you know. No, not guys, MEN. You sound like a real man. Believe it or not, this is a huge turn on for self respecting women. If your guy friends (more like little boys) tease you for not being an STD factory, they’re not the best people to be hanging out with. Nice guys don’t finish last it just takes longer for them to get there. But when they do they hold their own for longer.

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    1. Thanks I really appreciate that. As for my friends, most ridicule came in the past but there is one friend in particular who is the antithesis if everything I stand for and although I rarely hang around him I keep him in order to embrace opposing ideas. I say we have a Plato/Aristotle dichotomy. I believe in importance of thoughts and mind while he believes that the senses and physicality are most important to near hedonism. Whenever I say sex isnt that important he claims its only because I dont have much experience or skill with women and that I overcompensate by studying and creating. I rebutt saying that his emphasis on sex is overcompensating for his lack of practical skill so he believes he has a useful “skill” and lets just say from.there the debate goes downhill fast lol

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  2. Wow! I never knew about this word, either! Although, I think the odd and reckless people are those who sleep around casually. Just my opinion, though. For what it’s worth, I’ve had people look at me like I’m nuts when I tell them my husband was my first Everything. It’s insane that in a world where uniqueness is pushed in some areas isn’t pushed in others. Be confident in your unique self! 🙂

    And I don’t mean to hijack your post but you requested to see my mandala if I ever did one (many months ago) and I finally decided to do so. Here’s the link if you are still interested in viewing it. 🙂 This is my first attempt and I have two more planned for the near future.

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      1. It takes a lot to offend me. It might be because I’ve mellowed over the years. Or, more likely, it’s that my way of wording things aloud is not the best so I leave some breathing room. Besides all of that, I much prefer honesty to the alternative, even if it hurts. 🙂


  3. Interesting. So what does one call a man who can have one-night stands to mutual satisfaction, but feels an emotional void after such encounters (like eating the whole fridge empty and still feeling hungry) and therefore avoids them?
    Not me (I’m a serial monogamist, now happily married) but a fiction character.


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