My 2nd book is officially in creation


Here’s the outline to my 2nd book I’m writing. It will be about exploring philosophical ideas. I’m not trying to establish a system or anything but I wanted to explore old and current ideals and their implications on today’s society. I recently found a notebook that contained mini essays on philosophy and this inspired me to write this book. If you want a sample of what will be in it check out the post before this titled “creative Pantheism – the religion of creativity” 


2 thoughts on “My 2nd book is officially in creation

    1. Probably a different direction im using Kierkegaard’s definition of inauthenticity in which one gives up their individual desires and needs for the benefit of a group, ideal or institutions. I’m going to try to use examples within the century if possible. With the increasing influence of government and corporate institutions what is this affect on the individual and and culture currently and in the future? Especially since we are, according to Nietzsche, in the “twilight” of our culture, trying to replace older judeo-christians ideals with newer capitalist/democratic ideas and the like.

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