Achievement & Alienation (Random Inquiry)

As my fellow nerds and geeks know, being smart and overachieving can come with a cost. This cost is usually in the form of one’s social life. This of course depends on who you meet and your environment but it’s evident that as you grow, your social circle can easily be outgrown. At what point do you cut off friends and even more interesting at what point do friends cut you off for being TOO smart, ambitious and achievement-centric?

Random Inquires are random questions I have and speculate on in order to brainstorm for future blog posts. Leave a comment on your opinions and thoughts whenever!!!


2 thoughts on “Achievement & Alienation (Random Inquiry)

    1. most of the time that’s how it happens, but I guess my question is what are some signs that the drift is too unhealthy? I’ve recently had a nervous breakdown due to sacrificing friends and experience for the golden goodie promised by hard work and determination. Drift is natural, but at what point is drift a warning sign rather than healthy social pruning?


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