Overcoming Addiction


About a month ago, I was a marijuana addict. I smoked weed every day and I recently felt like enough is enough. Now, I don’t think cannabis is inherently bad. I actually believe it can be a great form of relaxation when used responsibly, but I was using it to as a way to obfuscate underlying frustration and self-hatred. Not to mention, weed started feeling like a form of “Pseudo-bonding” with friends. It was something we did together “just cause” rather than something deeper like conversation or joint projects,etc. Weed may not be physically addictive but there are withdrawal symptoms, not as dramatic as heroine withdrawal, but withdrawal symptoms nonetheless. I had a couple instances of cold sweats, vivid nightmares and malaise taking the form of a lethargic haze. So, here is a list of some of the concepts and ideas that motivated me to detox and stay strong.

  • Confront yourself. Don’t avoid your problems: The main motivator that started me on this path was that I realized I was sedating myself with my addiction. Addictions are physical manifestations of mental/emotional frustrations. I smoked weed to make myself feel good, even though I was frustrated with where I was and who I became in life. The best solution is to drop the addiction, realize the problem and remedy it with reflection and self-improvement.
  • Accept Failure, not excuses: This path will not be easy. You will probably relapse and fail a couple times. Hell, this is my second or third attempt at quitting. No one is superman, but don’t let that be your excuse. If you fail, don’t beat yourself up, realize why you failed and then…
  • Get Help: Whether professional or from friends and family, you need to realize sometimes you just aren’t strong enough to kick the habit alone. If we were we would have kicked it a long time ago or maybe not even started to begin with. Don’t be ashamed of asking for help especially from a professional. Think about this, when we get a physical disease we feel no shame with going to the hospital and seeing a doctor. Why should we feel shame when we have a mental disease such as addiction?
  • Think of all the better things you can do: Most addictions are not only costly mentally, but financially and temporally as well. I heard a quote that “drugs are the poor man’s vacation”. Think of all the money spent on your addiction and what it could have been for instead. You could have saved it, invested it, took a vacation, etc. The list is endless.
  • Health Benefits: Last, but not least are the health benefits. Think of all the mental energies that will return to you once you confront the underlying psychology of the addiction. Think of all the physical energy you’ll receive since your body isn’t constantly working on detoxing itself from the drugs. You’ll be more energetic, and live longer and be able to enjoy your family and many other pleasures of life.

6 thoughts on “Overcoming Addiction

  1. Congratulations James! Facing our inner demons is difficult to do! Learning about ourselves from it takes openness. Applying the lessons takes courage and wisdom.

    We can say we become wise after we apply the lessons to our lives but I believe in a much more active process of the spirit. Wisdom is incremental too… We gain some when we recognize our problems, more as we accept, more as we put in the energy to change and finally even more when we see the results applied in our lives.

    So bravo! …and thank you for sharing!

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  2. I just want to applaud you. I know it is the popular drug of choice, and often going against the crowd is extremely difficult. I love the article so much, and I hope you don’t mind, I am forwarding this on my FB page.

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    1. Thanks for reading and commenting and I agree stopping was difficult because 90% of my friends are stoners and make a life style of it. So even when I didn’t have bud one of my friends would. This made it all to easy to fall into the daily use cycle and relapse. I don’t mind you sharing the post. I hope others can use the info to help self motivate. Thanks for the share and Have a great day.

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