My Prediction on the Future of the Music Industry

With the music industry slowly running out of ways to monetize itself with the advent of file sharing and streaming services, it is evident that the music industry is in a rut. Seeing that only two albums went platinum and sold a million copies  this year being Drake’s “If you’re reading this it’s too late” and Taylor Swift’s 2014 release 1989″ (last year it was 3 albums) it’s clear that either music industry has to innovate or crash. Seeing how there’s loads of money involved in this whole music thing I lean towards the innovation idea. My theory is that within a decade or so the music industry will revive itself via holographic concerts. “How?” You ask. Well, say Jay-Z was performing in real time at in Madison Square. If you were to simulcast a hologram of that live concert to different venues, but with heavily reduced tickets prices you’d be able to have a concert with the biggest turn out ever! Not only would it cost venues less, because all they would have to do is set up the tech and let it play. It would increase revenue for the artist/label because instead of having a sold out stadium of just tens of thousands, you could essentially create a concert with an audience of MILLIONS, for ONE night of performance. Although, currently the technology isn’t up to par for it quite yet but, it’s already being implemented they’ve already had holographic concerts for Micheal Jackson & Tupac. Even living artists such as Chief Keef have used hologram tech already. So, in 10 or 20 years when the next music crazy is holographic simulcast, Let everyone know that I called it!


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