Dear Facebook Friends

Dear Facebook

I would have posted this directly to Facebook but after factory resetting my phone due to malfunction, Ive decided not to put Facebook app or messanger on phone. Why? 1) wordpress post to FB for me (shout out to WP) 2) We need sometime apart.

Now it’s not you. It’s me. I’m looking for meaningful connection and Facebook doesn’t do it for me.All I see is repeat memes, vapid rants and constant notifcations hitting my phone vying for my attention. That’s not connection thats distraction. So from here on out I’m going to cut out distraction and focus on my goals. Not saying I wont stay in contact but either text me (9376266850 I dont mind making new wordpress friends btw) or hitting me up on blog or Youtube Channel. If not I wont respond to your fb post till Im at my desktop. I love you guys but we need some time apart digitally. See ya IRL


James Revels III


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