The Music Life

I’m slowly realizing that I didnt choose the music life…music life chose me. Let me explain. 

My Granddad owned a church and one of my earliest memories was going to his church and making noise on the grand piano and drums. Every year of Elementary school I had a music class where I learned to read music and for the last 3 years I was in choir as well. (Puberty ruined my singing career btw) In Middle school, I had a guitar basics class for a year and in High School I was surrounded by friends who wanted to freestlye and rap so bad that it inspired to invest in a gaming mic to record us. When I was 16, I officially dedicated my time learning music composition and audio engineering, by 17 had an official condenser mic and by 18/19 I had made my first dollar selling a download  on my instrumental album “Our Beautiful Existence” (Which resides here ) and since then Ive been having odd jobs from scores for short films to book trailers to recording entire albums.

In retrospect, I realized I had been doing music practically my entire life. Growing up I always thought I’d be a author,(Google: “Yesterday’s Tommorrow James Revels” it’s my debut book of poetry).but it seems this music life has been my siamese twin growing with me this whole time. 


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