A Tale of Three Titles (The Rapper, The Ghostwriter and The Promoter)

epic article on state of hip hop and the role of ghostwriters & promoters


“There is an epidemic failure within the game to understand what is really happening.”-Peter Brand, Moneyball

“Not mad at the game ’cause it is what it is/ and not mad at the radio ’cause I don’t know what’s on it”-Phonte

“Does it matter if Babyface writes a song for Toni Braxton?”-Foxy Brown, MTV News Interview (1996), in response to being asked about not writing her own raps

“Familiarity breeds contempt”-Aesop

“If I come to your town and you hand me your CD, and I ask around and everybody in town isn’t already telling me how nice you are, you’re not doing your job.”- Talib Kweli, The Art of 16 Bars

In a previous post I made a reference to “the ouroboros nature of the industry” and I’m willing to bet an obscene number of you didn’t know what I meant by that. I’m also willing to bet that a lot…

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