Why Dayton is Stagnating

Here’s my intuitive analysis of the economy of Dayton, Ohio based on history, experience, and information gleaned from our city’s commission meetings. Thanks for your time. Hope you enjoy the thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Why Dayton is Stagnating

  1. interesting. and think this a national problem, as well. All this starts with youth. For whatever reasons, we seems to be neglecting our youth, when it comes to education. we do not stress education issues enough. without proper education, our youth cannot be expected to produce in this new digital age.

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    1. I think the problem is trying to measure successful teaching in education. The only metric that state/federal government has to understand this is through testing. The problem is that the entire system is built around teaching tests rather than teaching them skills necessary for their local, let alone global economy. The problem is exacerbated by post secondary education becoming obscenely expensive while becoming less valuable. if everyone is subsidized through financial to get a degree, the supply of degrees will out pace employers demand making who you know more important than the degree since you don’t have an edge in a sea of graduates. Not to mention that business management courses don’t exist until college. the closest children get to business education is a basic economics class…let me stop i could go forever lol


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