Late Night Confessions: Taking Tests and Women

When I was in school I always wondered how people suffered from test anxiety. I was one of those nerds who barely had to study to get A’s and demolished every standardized test like Thanksgiving day dinner. Test anxiety seemed like bull crap to me until I came across a geek’s favorite subject: Women.

Trying to flirt with women is like taking a quiz on next week’s assignments. I might get a couple answers correct, but I’m ultimately going to fail the test. I don’t think it’s my personality as much as inexperience from being a relationship that was
“too good”. It was a great 5-year relationship. The first half was long distance, then eventually evolved into living together and finally growing apart. If relationships came with degrees I graduated with a minor in long distance.

Currently, I’ve been trying to figure out how to single again and I’m realizing it’s a test I haven’t studied enough to pass quite yet. I find it difficult to empathize and manage most women’s fears and insecurities regarding relationships because I haven’t experienced a lot of those hardships. I also realized my own insecurities play a part as well. I’ve been with one person so long and most of the time was long distant, so I’m not sure how much attention the “average” woman requires. I tend to end up overcompensating when it comes to attention.

I understand this will pass with time and practice but I had to do this confession to help get it off my chest.


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