My Year So Far in Pictures 

So far my year has been awesome. I hope yours has as well. Here’s an update on 2017 in picture form 

Started off year with vacation to San Antonio, Texas to see my homie Alonzo whom Ive known sinve 1st/2nd grade 

While in San Antonio I also went to PAX South 

My homie DJ Nimbus rocking a local club. Out supporting and promoting for him 

Organized My YouTube channel “James Revels Composer” it post daily videos. Even recorded a webcam music video of my remix to Bad and Boujee.

Me in the studio about to record track with my Uncle

My uncle MC Picket Fence and I after a Studio Session well done!

At city hall waiting for the “State of the City Address” to start.

Then took an epic selfie with the Mayor of Dayton Nan Whaley. She’s awesome. Last November she sent me info on a Leadership Program hosted by the city and the same day as this picture I had an interview for it which….

…I aced with flying colors. 

Other than that just been chilling making music and enjoying the year. Hope you have a great year as well. Thanks for stopping by and joining me on my adventures. 


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