About the Site

This site is all James Revels III, all the time. It’s to showcase and give updates about my work. If you’d like to read some of my less egocentric blogs visit one of the links below.

My other Blogs

The Evolution of Eloquence –  A blog centered around the written arts, includes poetry, flash fiction and short essays.

Audio SeXXX – A blog centered around music providing Eargasms, Music Reviews and Commentary on the Music Industry


About Author

My name is James Revels III. I’m a composer who likes to create just about everything. As the one man team of Pyromaniac Productions, a movement to promote education and creativity, I not only create music, but also design logos and visuals, produce videos and write lyrics, poetry and short stories. My goal is to live a life of creativity so I don’t waste any of my talents and gifts.

Get a sampler of my recent poetry book & soundtrack here


27 thoughts on “About

    1. You’re welcome. The article on accuracy and clarity really coincides with my ideas about brevity in communication. As for assistance there is a favor I’d like to ask. Would you mind reading and reviewing my book of poetry?


      1. No, not too long. I’m working on an editing project right now. If you want to send it to my email address on my profile, I’ll get to it as soon as I can. Normally, I would charge for this much…but let me look at it first.


      1. A mini cold, eh? Glad to/hear that you are on the mends and that everything is going steady. I am well, thank you, and enjoying my blog. It has been a fun year. I will never go down as being the best blogger ever, but am enjoying myself and have fun with the few followers I have. Take care, James!!!😊

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh sure. I was just going through my blog followers and seeing a lot of “dead weight” or folks just being unresponsive to why I even have the blog at all. These tech-addictions to put follows on so many people just started to give me the creeps. I’ve had to let people know I wanted social interaction as opposed to big numbers of people.

        Scarier still I’ve just discovered I have some stalkers who check out who enjoys what I’m doing so they can whisk them into their corner. YIKES! S-t-r-e-s-s… So that might also be the reason less people get in touch. They likely don’t want to be whisked! *sigh* what to do?


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