Twitch Live Stream!

Hey guys! I decided to house my broadcast my original compositions and piano improvs on @ I plan on live streaming this particular broadcast until 10pm EST. I hope you enjoy the music I put together for your enjoyment. Thanks for tuning in!


YouTube Release Schedule

If you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube Channel why haven’t you?
I post daily instrumentals,songs, piano improvs, and vlogs.Each week that pass you pass up loads of content.
Here’s the release schedule.
January 7th: Piano Improv (01/04/2017)
January 8th: James Unedited – Why Money Won’t Make You Happy
January 9th: James Revels III – Piano Improv (01/05/2017)
January 10th: Soldering a Radio Transmitter (FB Live Repost)
January 11th: 7 – Innovation (Instrumental)
January 12th: James Unedited – Memes Suck

Check out latest song by EAS called “Pour Up”. Recorded by yours truly

The Music Life

I’m slowly realizing that I didnt choose the music life…music life chose me. Let me explain. 

My Granddad owned a church and one of my earliest memories was going to his church and making noise on the grand piano and drums. Every year of Elementary school I had a music class where I learned to read music and for the last 3 years I was in choir as well. (Puberty ruined my singing career btw) In Middle school, I had a guitar basics class for a year and in High School I was surrounded by friends who wanted to freestlye and rap so bad that it inspired to invest in a gaming mic to record us. When I was 16, I officially dedicated my time learning music composition and audio engineering, by 17 had an official condenser mic and by 18/19 I had made my first dollar selling a download  on my instrumental album “Our Beautiful Existence” (Which resides here ) and since then Ive been having odd jobs from scores for short films to book trailers to recording entire albums.

In retrospect, I realized I had been doing music practically my entire life. Growing up I always thought I’d be a author,(Google: “Yesterday’s Tommorrow James Revels” it’s my debut book of poetry).but it seems this music life has been my siamese twin growing with me this whole time. 

My day so far

Haven’t updated blog yet so here we go.

Went to go visit pops. He just moved back from Florida after living there for several years. He’s a computer guy. It was great talking to him cause in there years of seeing him I learned about computer science so it was cool.connecting on thst talking avout the cloud, coding and other nerd stuff.

After that while headed to work I ran into Mike Lansky. One of,if not the,best rap artist is Dayton. He said he needed an audio engineer. Guess who happens to be one of those. Me. I got his number and if everything goes right Tuesday at Noon is I’ll be recording on of the best in the area. I’m excited about that. 

Other than that I’m at work now breaking rules to beam this info to you.

Thanks for reading ttyl. I got responsibilities to shirk lol