Naughty Would Be Nice

When I’ve been good all week

and attention is all I seek.

When I’ve followed the rules right,

being naughty would be nice.

-Naughty Would Be Nice

By: James Revels III



Early Mournings

Late nights turn to early mornings.

Grounded in your presence but my soul’s soaring.

When you leave in the afternoon, thoughts turn to mourning.

Uneven heart; I need you for the evening.

-Early Mournings

By: James Revels III

Further Reading


The Strength to Heal

The Platinum Rule


The Platinum Rule

Where a lot of social problems stem is with selfishness
Relationships fail because partners fails to understand the others needs due to want of sex and attention rather than mutual affection
Businesses fail because they fail understand the needs of their patrons/employees due to fixation on profits.
Governments fail because they fail to understand the needs of their citizens due to lust for power.
Cities fail because the citizens fail to understand the needs of their own communities/neighbors.
Countries fail because they fail to understand the needs of their cities and fellow countries.
The World aka We fail because we fail to understand ourselves.
I heard that we need to replace the golden rule with the platinum rule.
Do unto others as they would want done unto them.
The Platinum Rule
-James Revels III

Need to Know

Did you fall in love with me or the feeling?

I understand really.

Its hard to stop the inertia of emotion.

Our momentum towards our dreams was reaching its infinite limit.

Love’s a complicated notion, 

But I still need to know.

Was it me or emotion?

-Need to Know

James Revels III

The Music Life

I’m slowly realizing that I didnt choose the music life…music life chose me. Let me explain. 

My Granddad owned a church and one of my earliest memories was going to his church and making noise on the grand piano and drums. Every year of Elementary school I had a music class where I learned to read music and for the last 3 years I was in choir as well. (Puberty ruined my singing career btw) In Middle school, I had a guitar basics class for a year and in High School I was surrounded by friends who wanted to freestlye and rap so bad that it inspired to invest in a gaming mic to record us. When I was 16, I officially dedicated my time learning music composition and audio engineering, by 17 had an official condenser mic and by 18/19 I had made my first dollar selling a download  on my instrumental album “Our Beautiful Existence” (Which resides here ) and since then Ive been having odd jobs from scores for short films to book trailers to recording entire albums.

In retrospect, I realized I had been doing music practically my entire life. Growing up I always thought I’d be a author,(Google: “Yesterday’s Tommorrow James Revels” it’s my debut book of poetry).but it seems this music life has been my siamese twin growing with me this whole time.