Alternative Facts & Post-Truth Politics

So, I hate to say I told you so but… I kind of predicted “Alternative Facts”.On January 20th I posted a vlog to my youtube channel on post-truth politics. I may not have said the phrase “alternative facts” but I mention have in a world in where emotional appeals are more important than the actual laws, legislation and facts. It’s a one-take, informal vlog so forgive the rushed and generalized nature of the delivery.


Twitch Live Stream!

Hey guys! I decided to house my broadcast my original compositions and piano improvs on @ I plan on live streaming this particular broadcast until 10pm EST. I hope you enjoy the music I put together for your enjoyment. Thanks for tuning in!

YouTube Release Schedule

If you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube Channel why haven’t you?
I post daily instrumentals,songs, piano improvs, and vlogs.Each week that pass you pass up loads of content.
Here’s the release schedule.
January 7th: Piano Improv (01/04/2017)
January 8th: James Unedited – Why Money Won’t Make You Happy
January 9th: James Revels III – Piano Improv (01/05/2017)
January 10th: Soldering a Radio Transmitter (FB Live Repost)
January 11th: 7 – Innovation (Instrumental)
January 12th: James Unedited – Memes Suck

Check out latest song by EAS called “Pour Up”. Recorded by yours truly